Bull’s-Eye Branding

IKore Developments hired us to market their new condo in Woodbridge. More importantly, they needed us to identify their target market, and create a strategy to appeal to them.

Research showed that our main target was of Italian descent and that there was a bubble subculture of “Woodbridge Italians” established in the area. People from Woodbridge love living in Woodbridge, but often have to travel to experience the urban culture of the city – especially those in our target of people aged 25­ - 40.

To appeal to this target, we created a theme that would resonate with this subculture. We used immensely familiar and culturally impactful symbols over high fashion nightlife scenes to depict two worlds coming together harmoniously, a new level of social interaction, and urban convenience.

65% SOLD in the first month

Our media plan leveraged traditional and digital mediums in order to bring heightened awareness for the project. 65% SOLD in the first month, receiving accolades from the real estate and broker community.

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